Vegan Food Guide to Nusa Lembongan & Nusa Ceningan

Nusa Lembongan, a small tropical island off the coast of Bali in Indonesia, is a vegan food lover’s dream. With nearly every restaurant offering delicious plant based food options, you won’t encounter any difficulties finding tasty meals that align with your dietary and ethical preferences on this beautiful island!

Connected to its neighbouring island, Nusa Ceningan, by the iconic Yellow Bridge, Nusa Lembongan offers an adventurous experience with lush greenery, sandy and secret beaches, snorkelling, cliff jumping and surfing. It’s easily accessible by fast boat from Sanur, Bali where there are many vegan food options too.

Vegan cuisine on Nusa Lembongan is a wonderful experience of flavours, creativity and sustainability. From colourful smoothie bowls, raw vegan treats, nourishing Buddha bowls, traditional Indonesian gado gado, mie goreng with tempeh, pizza and vegan burgers, the options are abundant! Get ready to delve into the best vegan food on Nusa Lembongan.

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Ginger & Jamu

Iced coffee with oat milk from Ginger and Jamu

Situated directly on Jangutbatu beach, this chill restaurant has a great vibe. Vegan options clearly marked, you can spend plenty of time here watching the waves and seeing the surfers coming in and out on boats. The sunset here is beautiful.

NIDA’s Place

Tempeh Manis at NIDA’s Place

Down a small path that leads to the beach and Ginger and Jamu, you’ll come across this cute Warung called NIDA’s Place. Cheap prices and great tempeh.

Bali Eco Deli

Smoothie Bowl from Bali Eco Deli

On the main road in Jungutbatu, this is an eco-friendly restaurant with really delicious food. With a big focus on sustainability, they incorporate a recycling program to help the island and are a big advocate for no plastic. They also support Paws of Lembongan that is a non profit that provides care for cats and dogs.

Ketut Warung

Mie Goreng with veggies at Ketut Warung

I was gutted I only found this place on my last night in Nusa Lembongan! The food was delicious and it was the cheapest place I’d been to. If you’re trying to find cheap vegan food in Nusa Lembongan, this is the place to go! Down an alleyway, you’ll enter in to a large backyard with a long table. And the owners are the friendliest people ever! So kind and helpful and the kids running around helping too are very happy. The owners know what vegan means and can help you with ordering. You can get a large dish of noodles and veggies for 25,000 IDR

Rigil’s Lembongan Coffee & More

Vegan pancakes from Rigil’s Lembongan

Situated in Mushroom Bay, this is such a lovely place to sit for awhile and chill. The vegan pancakes were some of the best pancakes I’ve ever had! Really delicious. Highly Recommend this beautiful restaurant

Cookies Coffee Shop & Warung

Watermelon juice from Cookies Coffee Shop

Within walking distance from Dream Beach and Devil’s Tears, this restaurant is open and breezy. Higher cost than other places and all I saw were content creators talking into their cameras. Juice was nice and they used metal straws which is always good.

JResto Lembongan

Coconut at JResto Lembongan

If you want to see the most beautiful view ever in Nusa Lembongan, this is the place to go! On a clear day, you can see the Mt Agung volcano on Bali. Their menu has vegan items that are clearly marked. And the coconut juice was nice and cold.

Ombak Zero Waste Cafe

An oceanfront cafe on Jungutbatu Beach, showcasing a wide variety of vegan friendly food with a focus on zero waste.

Beach Cafe at Lago

With a very nice modern vibe, this cafe is right on Song Lambung beach with one of the best views on the island. Vegan options are marked and include muesli, quinoa veggie bowl, smoothies, juices, donuts and cookies.


On the main road in Jungutbatu, this popular restaurant has vegan friendly options including tofu gyoza, tempeh BBQ ribs, tacos, bao buns, curry, Nasi/Mie Goreng.

View from JResto Lembongan


Klyf Club Blue Lagoon

Orange juice from Klyf Club

I didn’t realise this beautiful restaurant existed until I saw it from across the Blue Lagoon and I knew that would be a nice place to sit for awhile. Sitting on a cliff overlooking the bluest water you will ever see, this is such a lovely place. I saw turtles swimming in the lagoon while I was sitting here too! They have marked vegan options if you’re looking for food and a wide variety of juices and drinks. Such a beautiful restaurant.

The Sand Ceningan

Coconut from The Sand

Located near the yellow bridge on Nusa Ceningan, this restaurant on the sea has a lovely view out to the seaweed farms. With vegan options and plenty of juices, this is the perfect place to stop and chill for awhile before you walk back over the yellow bridge to Nusa Lembongan.