Ho Chi Minh City (Saigon) in Vietnam has a wide variety of vegan food including burgers, pizza, pancakes and desserts. With a multitude of different vegan restaurants and cafes in Saigon, you’ll never be looking too long for delicious food! 

In Saigon, most people working in hospitality know English so you won’t have any trouble asking questions like “does this have dairy or egg in it?” or “do you have soy milk?”.

Quan Chay” restaurants are mainly vegan so if you type “Quan Chay” into Google maps, you’ll find many places to visit for vegan food. 

The vegan friendly restaurants and cafes I visited are below. I hope they help you on your travels 🙂

Check out some great vegan friendly eateries in Hoi An and Da Nang too!


The Running Bean

A multi level cafe, with a working space and balcony, this place has a really cool relaxed and minimalist vibe

Highlights: Mangoholic smoothie bowl and a strawberry banana smoothie

The Running Bean

Kafka Cafe

A cute little cafe tucked away off a main road that’s a few minutes from the Pink Church (Tan Dinh Church). Best bagels I’ve ever tasted!

Highlights: Banana-nut bagel

Kafka Cafe

Shamballa Vegetarian Restaurant 

Sitting out the back near the pond is incredibly calming. Food is delicious. Expensive for Vietnam though. 

Highlights: Pineapple fried rice in a pineapple

Be An Vegetarian Bistro

Located in the centre of Saigon, just off Nguyen Hue Walking Street, this is a cozy restaurant with tasty food. 

Highlights: Coconut juice and steamed vegetables with caramelised dipping sauce

Rico Taco

If you’re looking to mix things up and try some Mexican food in Vietnam, then this is a great place to visit. I couldn’t find this restaurant the first time I looked but then I realised it was located through a yellow archway off Hai Bà Trưng that has “The Manufacture Courtyard” written above.

Highlights: Alambre Vegetariano naked bowl, guacamole snack

Bookworm’s Coffee

On a very busy corner in the backpackers district, this cafe has a vegan menu full of everything you could imagine!  (Sit at the front table to get the full experience of Saigon!)

Highlights: Vegan full English breakfast

Cong Caphe

My favourite cafe in Saigon. I went to half a dozen of them throughout Vietnam! Staff wear military type uniforms and their cafes are fitted out with war time memorabilia

Highlights: Saigon salted kumquat, Da Nang salted lime with Soda, Hanoi dracontomelon with soda 

IMPORTANT: Cong Caphe’s coconut coffee is NOT VEGAN 🙁 Their coconut milk is pre-mixed with condensed milk and they can’t change that so that’s why I ordered all the cold drinks instead of coffee at Cong Caphe.

Cong Caphe


I learnt that a lot of coffee beans in Vietnam are roasted with extra flavouring added like butter and fish sauce. So if you’re ordering coffee, please check with them how they roast their beans and if they use any flavouring. 


Happy Cow – comprehensive map and reviews of vegan friendly eateries all around the world. My go to resource.

The Vegan Vietnam Facebook group – friendly and informative group to ask questions if you need answers quickly



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