Vegan Food Guide to Hanoi Vietnam

Finding vegan and vegetarian friendly food in Hanoi, Vietnam is quite easy. 

From traditional Vietnamese dishes like Banh Mi and Pho served with a vegan twist to Instagram worthy trendy cafes, these vegan friendly restaurants not only cater to ethical choices but also show how easy it is to eat vegan in the heart of Vietnam’s capital. 

The list below shows exactly where you can eat vegan so you don’t need to stress. The are all located in the Old Quarter and very easy to walk to from the French Quarter. (Check out the Hidden Gems in Hanoi while you’re there!)

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Ho Chi Minh City, Hoi An, Da Nang, Phong Nha and Sapa

The bridge on Hoan Kiem Lake



The staff are so kind and friendly and the vibe inside is delightful. It’s extremely clean with a nice warm atmosphere. 

Highlights: Thai Curry, Banh Mi Chay, Pan-Fried Mushroom Pho

Hanoi Coffee Station

A sister restaurant to cafes in Hoi An and Phong Nha. This is such a cute place with a beautiful view from the balcony. 

Highlights: Vegan Bowl, Mango Smoothie Bowl and Coconut Coffee. 

Hanoi Coffee Station: Mango Smoothie Bowl

The Veg

This is a vegetarian and vegan restaurant. Close to Train Street, sitting upstairs on the balcony is delightful. 

Highlights: Yellow Curry with Mango, Vegan Quiche, Vegan Mapo Tofu

The Veg: Yellow Curry with Mango

Green Inn

A fully vegan restaurant with a cozy and warm atmosphere. 

Highlights: Green Curry, Vegan Pho, Deep Fried Mushroom Cakes

Green Inn: Green Curry

Xoi Banh Mi Kim Huong

A food cart attached to a shop with the friendliest lady who serves you. I suggest buying a Banh Mi and walking to Hoan Kiem Lake to eat it. A great place to go for breakfast that is really cheap. 

Highlights: Mushroom Banh Mi, Tofu and Mushroom Sticky Rice

Noodle & Roll

Located close to St Joseph’s Cathedral, this is such a cute little place that is vegetarian and vegan friendly. The artwork on the wall is beautiful.

Highlights: Fried Rice with Pineapple, Banh Xeo Chay, Fresh Spring Rolls

Noodle & Roll: Fried Rice with Pineapple

2 Cream – Homemade Icecream

Located directly opposite Hoan Kiem Lake, this lovely place has 9 vegan Icecream options.

Highlights: Vegan Vanilla Oreo, Vegan Peanut Butter 

2 Cream: Vegan Vanilla Oreo

The Note Coffee

This famous coffee shop is known for customers being able to write on notes and then stick them wherever they want in the shop. Anywhere! Also has a great view of the lake. They have soy milk available for your drinks too. 

Highlights: Vegan Coconut Coffee

Inside The Note Coffee Cafe