Islamic Museum of Australia

As a recent revert to Islam, visiting the Islamic Museum of Australia was a beautiful experience.

The Islamic Museum of Australia is a museum located in the inner suburb of Thornbury in Melbourne that celebrates the history, culture and diversity of Muslims in Australia. It aims to educate people about Islam, highlight the achievements of Muslims in Australia and highlight the contributions of Muslims to Australian society.

The Islamic Museum of Australia opened its doors in 2014 and houses 5 permanent galleries that include Islamic faith, Islamic contributions to civilisations, Islamic art, Islamic architecture and Australian Muslim history.

You’ll find information about Muhammad (peace be upon him) and his teachings, the history of Islam as well as artifacts from ancient times like poetry books, Qurans and prayer mats. 

There are also contemporary items created by Australian Muslims. The museum’s collection includes textiles, paintings, calligraphy, pottery and ceramics made by Muslims or inspired by Muslim cultures throughout history.

The museum offers guided tours for groups of 15 people or more and an extensive education program for students.

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Permanent Galleries

Islamic Faith

A gallery that summarises the beliefs and practices of Muslims. The five pillars of Islam are listed on five elegant pillars. 

Islamic Contribution to Civilization

From Arabic numerals to coffee, soap and cameras, discover the influences of the golden age. 

Islamic Art

Highlights Australian artists of all faiths who share an interest in Islamic Art. 

Islamic Architecture

Highlights mosques and palaces from around the world, displaying Moroccan, Persian, Ottoman and many other styles of Islamic Architecture. 

Australian Muslim History

Discover Muslim connections with Australia throughout the ages, dating all the way back to the 1600’s.

Inside the museum (and map)

When you enter, you feel a sense of calmness. Begin by walking down the stairs to the Islamic Faith section where you learn about what Muslims believe and the traditions. There’s a Hajj Theatre which showcases a documentary about the Hajj pilgrimage.

Walking through each gallery downstairs, you’ll learn about Islamic faith, things that Muslims have created like coffee and vaccines, and see beautiful Islamic Art.

Then take the stairs up to witness the stunning Mosques and Architecture. Last gallery is all about the history of Muslims in Australia.
Don’t forget to also visit the cafe. There are vegan friendly and gluten free options.

Map of the layout of the museum

How to get there

Tram: Number 6 tram to Moreland or the Number 1 tram to East Coburg, disembark at Moreland Rd/Holmes St then it’s a 10 minute walk. Number 11 tram to West Preston, disembark at Miller St/Gilbert Rd then it’s a 13 minute walk from there.

Bus: Number 510 bus to/from Essendon and Ivanhoe stations, disembark at the end of Anderson Rd and it’s a 4 minute walk. 

Walking: accessible via the Merri Creek Trail. 

Car: there is parking on site and in the surrounding streets.

Opening Hours

10am to 4pm – Monday to Saturday 


Please visit the Islamic Museum of Australia’s website for more information 


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  1. I love museums. I honestly have never been to a Islamic specifically focused museum. I would love to know more about Islam. Excellent museum guide!

  2. I never knew this museum existed and I’ve been to Melbourne several times. It looks very educational and is a good introduction to the religion.

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