How to find cheap flights

Have you ever wondered how to find cheap flights? You’re not alone. The cost of air travel has gone up over the years, especially after the covid pandemic, leaving many people wondering if there’s a way to take advantage of cheaper prices.

Well, I’ve got some great news for you: There is! And it’s super easy. Grab your visa, pack your carry on, your passport, and let’s go!

For my fellow budget travellers, all you have to do is follow these steps: 


Check out Google Flights. It’s an amazing tool that lets you see all kinds of flight options—including ones that are cheaper than usual or on sale. 

The key is to be flexible. With Google flights you can put in your departure airport and “anywhere” within the next “6 months”.

It allows you to move around a world map to see where you could possibly travel to for cheap!


Look for deals on Skyscanner. Similar to Google Flights, this website lets users compare prices across different airlines and routes, so they can find the best deal possible and book their tickets with confidence.  


This is my favourite one. I was able to score a return flight from Melbourne to Vietnam for $270 by following a budget airline on social media and seeing a new sale come up. 

Sign up for alerts and newsletters from your favourite airlines and travel websites so they can send you notifications when new deals pop up—or when their own promotions go live! 


One of the best ways to find a cheap flight is also flying with a carry on bag only and not checking a bag in. Once you know how to pack a carry on properly, and if you’re travelling to warm weather countries, you wont ever look back! The freedom you feel with getting on a plane with 1 bag only is euphoric.

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