Flying-Foxes Bushwalk in Melbourne

Flying Foxes hanging from a tree

Only a few kilometres from Melbourne CBD, in the inner suburb of Kew, a colony of Grey-headed flying foxes hang out during the day in the surrounding trees along the Yarra River

Grey-headed flying foxes are large bats native to Australia. They are nocturnal but they are still active during the day cleaning themselves and interacting with their neighbours. They are very vocal and you’ll surely hear them before you see them! Especially during mating season in Autumn when the males are particularly more vocal trying to attract a mate. 

Two parrots on a hollow branch

If you want to head into nature with barely anyone around and find something free to do, this is the perfect place to visit

I began my walk at Fairfield Pipe Bridge and wandered along the eastern side of the river all the way down to Bellbird Park. It’s part of the Yarra Bend Park area. 

As you can see from my photos, this particular path is unfortunately not suitable for wheelchairs, prams, elderly, kids or people with physical disabilities. In some places, one side is very steep with no protection to the river down below. So please watch where you step. 

But once you’re here, and you’re surrounded by big beautiful trees, listening to parrots and kookaburras all around you, it’s the perfect place to get away from the hustle and bustle of the big city. You may even see a wallaby during sunset!

Flying Fox with wings spread


Bus: 546 bus Melbourne University to Heidelberg Station. Runs Monday to Friday only. Disembark Westgarth St/Heidelberg Rd then cross over the road and follow the signs to “Main Yarra Trail/Pipe Bridge”.
Train: Hurstbridge line. Disembark at Fairfield train station. Walk 10 minutes down Gillies Street to Heidelberg Rd then cross over and find the signs to “Main Yarra Trail/Pipe Bridge”.
Car: Fairfield Park Boathouse has free 4 hour parking next to Fairfield Park. Entrance via Heidelberg Rd. If you want to start from the south, Bellbird Park has a large free carpark. 


There are snakes around so be mindful where you step but remember they will be more scared of you than you are of them! Make loud footsteps when walking and they will feel you and slither off another way 🙂 I didn’t see any during my walk. 


Follow the red line to explore the trail and enjoy 🙂 Let me know how you go!

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  1. This looks like such an incredible walk, and what beautiful animals to spot too! I’d honestly be shitting myself at the thought of snakes though 🤣 Still, a must-do for when I head back to Melbourne!

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