Carry On Toiletries: Non Liquid Solid Travel Toiletries for your Carry On Luggage 

As a carry on only backpacker, I try and limit the amount of liquids I take onboard with me. 

Liquid free toiletries are a great alternative to traditional toiletries. You can get pretty much everything in solid form, like shampoo, conditioner, body wash, deodorant, toothpaste… you get the idea! They’re also a great way to reduce waste and keep your carry on bag as light as possible while travelling.

If you’re travelling by plane, you likely have some liquid restrictions. Especially if you’re travelling international. 

As I’m an Aussie, flying in and out of Australia you must have all your liquids packed in a see through bag that has to add up to no more than 80cm (20 x 20cm or 15 x 25cm). Your liquids must also be in containers of 100ml or less. Only 1 liquid bag is allowed per person. 

Hopefully these tips below help you in packing your liquid free carry on! And guess what? They are all vegan friendly toiletries and haven’t been tested on animals!

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You can buy any bar of soap and cut it up into a smaller travel size. After your shower, make sure it’s fully dry before you pack it back into it’s container. 


There are many bar shampoos out there these days and you can buy sample ones from Ethique which is what I did. Try it out before you leave so you know how to use it and don’t forget to dry the bar fully before you pop it in it’s container! It may stick otherwise. 


If you have very short hair, you probably don’t need conditioner but I use the Ethique sample bar when travelling. A little goes a long way.


Solid toothpaste tabs are one of the main liquid free products you should definitely pack. They are very easy to use. Put one in your mouth, take a few bites then get a wet toothbrush and start brushing! So easy!


I love my Lush Mouthwash Tabs. They make your mouth so fresh! Use after your Toothpaste Tabs. Put one in your mouth, then some water, chew it between your teeth and swish everything around your mouth then spit it all out. Fresh sparkly mouth!

Face Moisturiser

I recently found out about this Ethique Solid Face Cream and it’s amazing! I bought a sample size and you hold the small bar in between your hands to get warm and then you spread your fingers over your face and it moisturisers your face incredibly well! It’s excellent for mature skin which I have. 

Clothes Washing

How do you wash your clothes while on the road? To make it easy, I pack a sample size shampoo bar and use that in my hotel rooms. Just a bit of a scrub in the shower and rinse then hang up to dry around your room while you’re out during the day. 


For a bit of luxury, pack a solid perfume! I love my Lush vanillary for a woody scent. 


My see through carry on liquid bag


I’ve tried so many deodorants and this Norsca liquid roll on is the best one for me. You can easily pack solid deodorant if you prefer.

Hair Gel

I have frizzy hair so I need to pack hair gel. I pour my gel into smaller pump containers and that gets me through my travel days. 

Insect Repellent

Because I travel mainly to places around the equator, I prioritise my tropical strength DEET liquid insect repellent. I use this vegan friendly, PETA approved brand, Rid, which comes in a 100ml spray so you can spray it on your clothes too. 


There are liquid free sunscreens out there, but to by honest, I had this already in my cupboard at home so that’s why I’ve packed it as it works perfectly. Sunscreen overseas can be expensive so I always recommend bringing your own.


What size toiletries for carry on? All liquid toiletries must be in containers that are 100ml or less and be able to all fit in your clear liquid bag.

Can I bring soap in carry on luggage? Yes. You can bring solid bars of soap or under 100ml of liquid soap.

Can I bring full size shampoo in my carry on? No. Shampoo must be 100ml or under. You can also bring a solid shampoo bar and that won’t be included in your liquid limit.

Do carry on liquids have to be in a clear bag? Yes. All carry on liquids must be in a clear bag.

Do carry on liquids need to be labelled? No they don’t need to be labelled. You can decant your toiletries into smaller containers with no labels.


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