15 Best Apps for Travel in Indonesia

Indonesia is a country in South East Asia famous for its beautiful beaches, breathtaking rainforests, unique culture, delicious cuisine, friendly people and affordable prices. It’s a popular destination for budget conscious and independent travellers.

From Bali to Yogyakarta, Komodo National Park to Bukit Lawang, Nusa Lembongan to Sumba, these must have travel apps will help you save money and time and make your Indonesian vacation more enjoyable and easy. 

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GOJEK is the main ridesharing app that I use when travelling around Indonesia. The app allows you to book a car or motorcycle and track your driver’s location in real time. I found it a little bit cheaper than Grab so if GOJEK rides are available where I’m travelling I primarily use this app. It also offers a range of services beyond just booking transport, including food delivery and package delivery. (Download: iOS / Android)


Grab is one of the most popular ridesharing apps in Indonesia with a presence in most cities. This is the secondary transport app I use when travelling in Indonesia and has flexible options on booking a car or a motorbike. A motorbike is always cheaper and is a great option when you only have a small bag and want to go somewhere cheaply. GrabFood is also included in the app if you want food delivered to your accommodation. (Download: iOS / Android)


NoaBike specialises in eco friendly transport rentals in Bali and Labuan Bajo (Komodo Islands). You can rent electric bikes, electric scooters, electric mountain bikes and also stand up paddle boards! Hire by the hour or day and pay with a credit card inside the app. The Noa electric bike is equipped with a powerful motor and a long-lasting battery, allowing riders to travel up to 50 kilometers on a single charge. (Download: iOS / Android)


This is the go to transport app if you’re needing to book trains, buses or ferries in Indonesia. I’ve used it to book trains in Java (Indonesia) and Vietnam and it’s always worked perfectly. It’s easy to use for a hassle free and reliable booking experience. The app is great but you may want to use the 12go.asia website instead. (Download: iOS / Android)


The FlightAware app is an essential tool to track flight information in real time. It shows flight status, departure and arrival times, gate and terminal information, and aircraft type. My family back home has this app installed on their phones so they can watch where my plane is and if it’s landed yet. I also use this app to research previous flights that I may decide to book and if they are usually delayed or cancelled. It helps me make a more informed decision about the flights I chose to buy. (Download: iOS / Android)



The Agoda app is the main accomodation app I use when booking hotels in Asia. It has a large inventory of hotels, resorts, apartments, and villas and caters to the needs of all types of travellers, from budget conscious backpackers to luxury seeking vacationers. It includes reviews, photos and availability. I always get great deals through Agoda and make sure I book my hotels before I leave home. (Download: iOS / Android)


Booking.com is the secondary accommodation app I use when finding hotels to stay in Asia. Some aren’t listed on Agoda so I go back and forth between them. I’ve found I also get amazing deals with this app too. Like Agoda above, this app includes reviews, photos, real time availability and amenities. (Download: iOS / Android)


Google Maps

Google Maps is the main navigation app I use when travelling. (Not when I’m trying to find the Secret Beach on Nusa Ceningan though haha) It has everything. Reviews, street view, hotels, restaurants, tourist attractions, direction planner. You can also search for “vegan food” and it will list restaurants with reviews that have the word “vegan” in them so it’s great for finding vegan friendly restaurants in Indonesia too. (Download: iOS / Android)


I use MAPS.ME to find hidden gems in Indonesia. It’s a great app listing small paths and trails when you want to get off the beaten track. It allows you to download a detailed local map to use offline and lists tourist attractions, points of interest and hotels and restaurants. This is one you must have when travelling around Indonesia. (Download: iOS / Android)



The best messenger app to stay in contact with your friends and family back home. It offers group chats and voice and video calls. Set it up using your home phone number and even if your change SIM cards when overseas, WhatsApp will still be registered with your home phone number so there’s no need to change anything. This app is also mainly used in Indonesia so is needed when booking tours, hotels, transport or connecting with new friends in Indonesia.(Download: iOS / Android)

Google Translate

The Google translate app is always a good one to have downloaded. It works great using the Google lens when you’re at a foreign restaurant and the menu isn’t in English. Open the app up, aim your camera at the menu and it will translate it to English. Obviously it doesn’t work accurately all the time but it will assist you when needed. I’ve used it to communicate with others before and it worked. It helps you translate text, speech and images and supports over 100 languages. (Download: iOS / Android)


Happy Cow 

The best vegan food app out there. It provides a comprehensive database of vegetarian and vegan friendly restaurants in all areas of the world and is a must download app for finding plant based food. It contains maps, photos and reviews. I used this to help me find vegan food in Labuan Bajo(Download: iOS / Android)


Sun Surveyor Lite

Indonesia is a country with incredible sights and if you enjoy photography like myself, you’ll want to know when and where the sunrise and sunset will be appearing. This app tells you all of that. It gives you accurate information about the sun’s position and movement so you can work out where you need to be and at what time to get some stunning photos of the Indonesian sunset and sunrise. (Download: iOS / Android)


Currency Converter Plus 

My favourite app for quick and easy currency conversion. Not sure how much your 65,000 IDR smoothie bowl is in Ubud? Input it into this simple app and it will tell you! (It’s $6.35 AUD, $4.20 USD and $3.95 EUR right now if you’re wondering!). Download this app and chuck it on the front page of your phone for quick accessibility. (Download: iOS / Android)



When entering Indonesia, you’re meant to have this app downloaded onto your phone. It used to be called PeduliLindungi but recently changed names. It’s barely used in country but it technically must be downloaded onto your phone and your airline or immigration may check. (Download: iOS / Android)

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